Nohboard Quake Template

I spent some time making a Nohboard template for Quake Champions
This is linked to from this Reddit Post

If you're lazy and don't want to read below Download Now

The following is a gif example of it working "in-stream".



The font now used is now Kairos Sans Medium Condensed (not represented in the example above)

To download this Nohboard template just click here: Download Now

I will not go over the installation and usage of Nohboard here as people using Nohboard should know how to install and use it already.

However here is the link to the release page github for Nohboard ReWrite:

Installation instructions are in a Readme file inside of the zip archive, also all Gimp files used to create this are included in the zip, in case people wish to make a derivative of this.

Quake and the Quake Logo are owned by id software and Bethesda, there is no ownership claim over this.